Super 8: The Medium of Memory

My love for Super 8 began one Thanksgiving when my mom popped in a VHS tape and said, "I got these old home movies from my Dad." Her father had digitized their super 8 home movies from the 60s. Watching it, I could see the thread of intention and love that connected their family before the waves of brokenness came in... before the divorce, the Vietnam war, the unspoken trauma that characterized their later years. 

There was love and connection. They visited the Grand Canyon as a young family of six, the girls in bob-haircuts and the boys in shorter than short shorts. They had Christmases and they were good. There were hard-won presents unwrapped with joy. There was a kiss between my mother's parents, at that time high school sweethearts who were trying.

When we decided to take our first family vacation to the beach, I knew I wanted to revisit the medium I had come to associate with family memories. Super 8 film. The  permanence, tangibility and nostalgia of film allow it to capture the visceral nature of memory. It looks like how we feel when we remember: sun-drenched and hazy, clips instead of long, hard days. Joy.

I am please to offer super 8 films for families and kindred brands, adding to the world's stores of this charming, romantic medium that speaks so deeply to my heart. To inquire about booking a Super 8 film or adding it to your portrait package, please contact me for a pricing PDF.