Welcome to Praxis Workshop

An 8 week small group intensive for photographers

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praxis: practice, as distinguished from theory.

The Praxis Workshop was born out of my struggle to maintain momentum as an artist after graduating from college. As the responsibilities of life, work and care filled my schedule I longed for assignments and deadlines in the context of a committed mentor and inspiring peers.

Praxis Workshop is designed for photographers to bring 1 project from conception to completion in the context of community. The workshop provides accountability, momentum and specific, valuable feedback.

Workshops in every discipline succeed on the basis of reciprocity. When a piece is brought to workshop, both maker and responder are engaged in the creative process. For that reason giving feedback is a part of the curriculum of Praxis, as an act of care for fellow students and a craft to be honed that enriches our own practice.

Workshop Structure

Week 1: Design

Students design a specific, concrete project that can be completed in eight weeks’ time. Through extensive fill-in-the-blank prompts, artists define the scope of weeks 2-7, defining each week in terms of action.

Photographers select from a list of final presentation options including but not limited to:

  • Photo Book

  • Photo Essay / Blog Post

  • Collection of Prints

  • Slideshow of Works

  • Gallery Show

Weeks 2 and 3: Photo Shoot I

Weeks 4 and 5: Photo Shoot II

Weeks 6 and 7: Photo Shoot III

A core principle of PW is working from intent. Each photo shoot is approached from a detailed blueprint. Artists are invited to discover the relationship between working from intent and creative satisfaction.

Assignments for weeks 2-7 include:

  • Photo Shoot Blueprint

  • Post-Shoot Reflection Exercise

  • Feedback: Give and Receive

Assignments and works in progress are shared with the group. Workshop instructor Anastasia Campos provides ongoing feedback, support, troubleshooting and creative critique.

Week 8: Group Presentation

During week eight works are prepared for final presentation. Final projects are shared with the group. Providing rich, detailed feedback on completed projects is the final assignment of Praxis Workshop.


  • Time and disciplined attention

  • Self-accountability and passion for your work

  • Respect for peers and commitment to uplift

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About the creator:

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I’m a film photographer, writer and teacher living outside of Phoenix, Arizona. I created Praxis Workshop to fill a need I saw in my own and others’ creative practice: a space for working artists where the alchemy of mentorship, structure and creative community combines to bring our projects to life.