My work is inspired by the physical photograph. One of the things I love most about pictures is their magnetic ability to draw a crowd. When you bust out the family photo box, the kids come running and the adults take a pause. That feeling of collective recollection is what inspires Kith&Kin meet ups. The first meet up was held in 2016 at Desoto Central market and focused on the theme of album-making. Participants brought their photo boxes, bins and envelopes with the goal of finally placing them into an album. Instructions were give to narrow the scope of the project to one completable album, in order to provide attendees with a sense of completion and accomplishment. The stories that were shared were rich and memorable. I look forward to planning more meet-ups that function as photo workdays. I'm interested in themes like digital organization, family history, baby books, wedding albums and all photo-related projects that are hard to prioritize but deeply meaningful. To be notified of upcoming events, subscribe to my blog via the sidebar on the right.