Two New Episodes of Sometimes Pure Light

I had a half-caf latte this morning and by noon had cranked out two podcasts. My Creative Commandments and Working From Intent. These are both 15 years in the making — I do not tell a lie. I have been thinking about this stuff since I graduated high school and flung myself into the world of photography with my Canon Rebel. What are your necessary conditions needed to create art? Have you named them yet? Do you influence your subjects or take a hands off approach? Does your approach reflect a chosen philosophy an inherited one like it was for me? Join me as we dive into these questions and more on the latest episodes of Sometimes Pure Light, a capsule podcast series on creative life and calling.


My creative commandments are the guidelines I’ve learned, been taught and discovered so far that make my creative life not only possible but flourish. Some of my favorites: center joy, work for the work and measure by devotion. I expound on these plus seven more like how I make myself an actual syllabus. These rules make creative life happen during my current season of life.


Real. Posed. Fake. Authentic. Candid. Contrived. Us photographers use these words. It’s on our minds. In this episode I explore the meteoric shift in my work from documenting what was before me to becoming proactively hands-on with my subjects. I love capturing life, I love influencing it to my creative end. I pledge allegiance to both as each have a strong place in my work. What about you?

Thank you for listening! Drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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