My First Roll of Tri-X 400

Black and white!

Welcome to my first roll of Tri-X 400, shot at box speed with the Canon AE-1. This is likely the last time I will use this beauty of a camera because manual focus + electric little kids don't mix well. My major takeaway from this roll is how my art is dependent on auto-focus and even developed because of it. Being able to capture true motion without premeditation (on my part or my subjects) is my joy. I simply can't get my act together with a rangefinder. And I find the whole process a cumbersome step. Hashtag millennial? Hashtag sue me?

You can also sue me for wishing most of these were in color. While I passionately love the tones of SX-70 monochrome, these made me feel a pang of regret that they were shot on BW. I have found pangs of regret to come with the territory of film. Not only regret but a paper trail of your errors to boot. I believe this to be a good thing creatively. A deterrent and a motivator. To keep seeking after quality, to choose film and press the shutter with extreme care. Experimenting teaches me to be less precious. To shoot, to try, to know by doing.