Polaroids at AZ Share That You Care Handmade Market

I met Maggie McGrath at a creatives brunch put on by Craft Culture Events. She introduced me to Pineapple Triangle, her company that organizes handmade markets in downtown Phoenix to showcase local creatives and give back to the community. Twenty percent of proceeds from the AZ Share That You Care market go to the vendor's charity of choice. We donated to Food for the Hungry, a Christian organization serving the poor globally since 1971. 

Several friends stopped by the market including my mother-maker sister Sarah of Dwell Richly who was kind enough to make this little film. I had so much fun creating photographs at the market and this video displays that joy. Taking over 200 exposures that day, Kith&Kin's thesis was proven again: people love photographs. 

Being in a room full of creative makers and supporters refreshes the creative spirit in me. It's fulfilling to make things people value, that make them smile and see themselves. I'm thankful for Instagram where I get to see our photographs live on, styled by the owner. Visit their accounts and check out their wares! Each image clicks through. The lovely furniture you see pictured was created by Tremaine Ranch

I left the market feeling grateful for the opportunity to create, give back, and connect face to face. I'll never stop loving that moment before the shutter clicks. For adults, there's a presentation to make. I love seeing how people like to look in photographs. How they choose to say this is who I am and what I value.